It’s Just Mom – No Prefix Needed =)



unspecifiedHello, Beautiful People of the world!! My name is Nikki and I started this blog to share my testimony, both the blessings and the struggles of becoming a mom. You see, it took me 15 years before I became a mother figure, but the reality is I still didn’t see myself as a “Mom”. It was 2012 and after many years of infertility heartache, I married the most incredible man in the world. With this man came his four beautiful children that became “ours”, so this is where my journey with motherhood begins.

In 2016 God opened my heart and home to becoming a foster parent so I added the new title of “Foster Mom” to my journey of motherhood.

In 2017 God gave me the absolute honor of becoming an official “Adoptive Mom”, when we welcomed our beautiful son into this world.

I began 2019 with my second official “Adoptive Mom” title when God closed the final chapter for us to finalize our amazing daughters journey. This particular journey took me through many highs and lows during the 2 years and 8 months that it took for her to finally become “ours” in the legal sense.

The primary purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with each of these instances, as well as, other parts of my life. I am be no means an expert in any of these areas, but I am an expert on my own feelings, struggles and heartaches. I can speak to a variety of situations … step moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, as well as, my sisters who are dealing with infertility and even the heartache of miscarriages and failed adoptions. I endured a lot of pain in each of these areas and can totally empathize with these heartbreaks. I am just a mom who has a story to tell and an abundance of hope and compassion to give. I give every ounce of honor, glory and praise to my Heavenly Father who has brought me through the lowest of lows in my life and held me in my bitter brokeness of disappointments.

If I can pray for you or encourage you in any way,  please don’t hesitate to comment or message me. I would love to connect with other women who are on this same journey. We are better together and I pray that my transparency can help others find peace and hope along their own journey. To my beautiful friends and family that have encouraged me along this road, I am forever thankful and grateful for you! I love you guys!!





Author: nikkigossettjustmom

I am a wife and mother to 2 children and 4 bonus children. My heart's desire was to always be a mom and God has given me that title in the most beautiful way. Although I have suffered years of infertility and still do not have any biological children, I am able to hold the title of “Mom” because God gave it to me. I became a “bonus” mom to four beautiful children in 2012 when I married the love of my life, Adam. In 2016 God saw fit to open my heart and home to become a “foster” mom and in 2017 He added another prefix of “adoptive” mom when we adopted our son. After years of heartache and not understanding the “why” behind my struggle, I have found not only the peace of God, but the beauty of the process. God has taken the broken pieces of my life and made a beautiful masterpiece from it. My motto is to live my life with the mindset of choosing to love even if it breaks my heart. Feel free to join me on my journey as I share the ups and downs along with the struggles and breakthroughs of this beautifully broken road to motherhood. I have named my blog "nikki gossett just mom" because that's who I am, just mom, no prefix needed. :)

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